“Claudia is a vibrant, strategic marketing and communications professional who I am honored to call my colleague. Her rich background has provided her with an ample toolkit to develop bilingual communications and branding platforms and enable her to work with multicultural and diversity marketing initiatives among other areas of expertise. Working with her is delightful, as she is kind hearted and sensible to other people’s needs, both vital factors to develop and deploy successful community outreach programs as well. I highly recommend Claudia as an asset to any professional team seeking to create meaningful communications in any industry or business segment.”

Karen Garnik, Strategic Marketing Advisor and PR Professional

Claudia’s attention to detail is exceptional. She is an outstanding organizer and creative force. Her commitment to a project is unparalleled and she ensures that it is done with professionalism. A tremendous team player, thoughtful and dynamic. Claudia is a person who has a keen awareness of client expectations. An excellent person to work with who makes everyone look good.”

Alejandro Epifanio, Artist and E.D. of Loisaida, Inc.

“I worked with Claudia at Microsoft and her energy was outstanding. She always work well in team environments and was very skilled at finding creative solutions to problems. Claudia is smart, creative and very outgoing which makes her natural leader in any organization.”

Thomas Lorenzo, Services Account Executive at Dell Technologies